The Sassy Sundries Return! My Week in Review

Friday has graced us with its presence again. The realization that today is Friday triggers a foggy recollection about a weekly tally of events personal, political, and nonsensical. This memory is a pleasant one, so I’m singing my Friday Song (sing along!) as I add up the week.

Here are the week’s Sassy Sundries:

Call me Auntie Sassy. My sister’s pregnant! Very excited. Very relieved that it’s her and not me. Plus Ten

W gave a speech on Iraq (I fell asleep on the couch and missed it, but I caught the replay). He announced that he’s bring home 5,700 soldiers (before Christmas!), failing to note that it’s time for those soldiers to come home. Remember when this surge was supposed to last six months? That safe place in Anbar where the sheik who aligned himself with the US forces was killed in a roadside bomb? Oops. W also announced his intention to leave an American presence in Iraq through the end of his presidency. Big shock there. Minus Five

David Ortiz (Big Papi) hit his first walk-off homerun of the season. Joy ensues. This makes me very happy that I don’t give a rat’s patootie about football. Shame on those Patriots, eh? Plus Two

David Petraeus David Petraeus David Petraeus David Petraeus gave his report to Congress. He recommended starting to “draw down” US forces (but not a “precipitous withdrawal”—that would be bad), and he hailed the Iraqi’s government failure to meet all but three of its benchmarks as a limited success. When asked by Republican Senator John Warner if the continued surge would keep America safe, he said that he hadn’t thought about it. Why are we there again?Minus Five

I took back my birthday. Woo hoo! Plus, Smokestack came down last weekend, and we had a grand time gallivanting around Cambridge. Plus Ten

Had a bit of post-birthday letdown and felt a little lonely Wednesday evening. Roommate kindly listened to me cry in my beer. I’m feeling better. Even

Total Plus: 14
Total Minus: 10


Last Time’s Total: +23

Boston Blog Friends: Let’s do this meetup thing. I’m thinking midweek drinks somewhere (preferably somewhere where Rich, our non-drinking Blog Friend, will feel comfortable). My week’s fairly open next week and the week after that, so perhaps we could organize something? I have a few watering holes, and I’m open to suggestions. I have an e-mail link in my profile. E-mail me if you’re interested, and we’ll plan this thing!

8 responses to “The Sassy Sundries Return! My Week in Review

  1. Here’s to someone else having babies. :) It’s a decent week Sassy.

  2. Cheers to other people procreating (so I don’t have to)!

  3. Do it! Do it!
    We want photos!

    Oh, and bring Fluff.

  4. If I could have kittens, I’d have already had a couple of litters by now. Human young are icky – they wiggle, cry, shit themselves, and eventually want you to pay for college.

    Hey, I’ll be e-mailing soon about that Boston Blogger get together. YOu’ll have to promise not to give away my real name, though. Okay?

    I’m also pretty much booked for next week, but the week after may be wide open…

  5. I’m emailing you about the Boston blogger get together as well. Making it a clandestine meeting of the minds is my preference as well.

  6. I do drink, just not booze right now. I”m sticking with water and coffee.That way I can’t get into too much trouble.

  7. Good for you for taking back your birthday. I thought what the general said was that he didn’t know if America would be safe, which was actually a pretty honest answer and proof that he isn’t quite ready to tow the White House line.

  8. I’m so glad you took back your birthday. In a world full of crap its nice to forget it all for a while and just celebrate self.

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