Out of the Mouths of Young Coworkers

The other day, my young coworker announced that she had seen the strangest thing right outside our office.“What was it?” I asked.

Full of breathy wonder my coworker proceeded to describe a bizarre anthropological phenomenon akin to a primitive religious ceremony, or the Monolith in 2001. “There was this truck, and it drove up really fast and parked in front of the building. A bunch of people gathered around it. And then! The silver flaps of the truck opened up, and there was food! And pizza! It was kind of like a miracle!” Her eyes dazzled as she contemplated the mystery of it all.

The miracle in question? The lunch truck that comes every day around noon. She’d never seen one before.

If you haven’t seen one before, the Miracle Truck (as it has come to be called) is something like an ice cream truck for adults. The Miracle Truck has all kinds of strange foods for sale, including Fluffernutter sandwiches and egg salad. We’re still trying to figure out why if Fluff is food, pizza is not. The pizza may or may not be a miraculous non-food, but for $1.25 a slice, it’s pretty damn good.

Ah, the joys of watching a young person learn about the working week.

16 responses to “Out of the Mouths of Young Coworkers

  1. it’s called a canteen and only construction works are allowed to use it.

  2. “Food! And pizza.”
    That is so funny, Sassy.

  3. Well, Rich, we use it sometimes. We call it the Miracle Truck.

    Dive, that part made me howl.

  4. I wish we had a lunch truck. I wish I could own one, actually, and sell yarn out of the back.

  5. Actually, I never knew it was called a canteen truck. My mother always called them the “Roach Coach.” And Sundry, do you remember Rita Cavvichio-Christie up in Web World? She disapproved of us eating off that truck-said it was only fit for the warehouse workers. Snot. That pizza was always good.

    My only issue with the truck was that a lot of the good things are too high up for me to reach and I end up having to ask someone to take down my embarrassing food choices.

  6. Ah, I haven’t seen one of those since high school. They used to come round the park at lunch.

    All we have left is the ice cream truck that plays Musicbox Dancer over and over and over and over and over again. OMG.

  7. “Roach Coach” indeed!
    We don’t have one of those here, and I admit – I’m thankful… For though convenient and generally not too bad – they’re just god-awful bad for you!
    But what a laugh – I never imagined there were those who’d never seen one before…

  8. Those of you who haven’t experienced the California roach coaches, haven’t lived. Never will you get a burrito of such high calibur for such a low price with salsa that will make you cry out in the night (admittedly, for a multitude of reasons). If only there would be an influx of the “taco truck” variety of the roach coach in New England, it would be easy to find good Mexican food here… sigh.

  9. They also carry wonderful hotdogs with steamed buns.. and Amen Fresh.. there are NO good Mexican rest. up this way for sure!

  10. Around here we not only have the generic roach coaches, usually pulling up near construction efforts, but we have specialty trucks, usually catering specific ethnic foods, each with their regular “spot.” This area couldn’t do without them.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to tell some of the young ones what “counter-clockwise” means.

  11. Editor - 201k.com

    There used to be a canteen truck that would come by the old Wurlitzer Music and Sound on Comm Ave near BU that was amazing. This guy didn’t just sell the usual sandwiches, pizza, and junk food — he made real food every morning and had it in buffet bins in the back. Chicken parm, sausages, mushroom chow yoke, steak tips, etc. Really nice rolls. Different stuff every day.

    Only problem was I gained 10 lbs.

  12. Robyn, that would make for a perfect hybrid business! You could call it Stitchin’ Eats or something like that.

    Before Girl, I’ve heard that term before, but I didn’t even think to apply it to that guy. And I know what you mean about the challenge of getting things off the top shelf. I’ve only eaten stuff from the Miracle Truck a couple of times, but it’s been good.

    Zirelda, that truck sounds like it came from a circle of hell.

    Roxy, it was priceless to hear her describe it with such precision and wonder. They are bad for you, aren’t they?

    Fresh, there was a story on NPR yesterday afternoon about California roach coaches. They sound amazing. Have you tried Taco Loco? It’s not a roach coach, but those tacos are pretty damn good.

    Prudence, this guy has more than that. I can hook you up with some good Mexican.

    Welcome, sister ae! Those ethnic ones sound amazing. Jealous.

    Welcome, editor 201k.com! That sounds like a divine and dangerous truck.

  13. OK – I live in So Cal – I can’t turn around without spying at least one decent Mexican joint of some caliber or another (everything from the one-step-up-from-a-street-vendor Taco Stand to nice, sit down, truly terrific restaurants)…
    And I’ve traveled enough to know – do not even attempt to find good Mexican food outside of a certain geographical area!

  14. Has she seen the break room yet?

    I think there might be a coffee pot!!! Maybe even a vending machine!!! Snickers!!!!

  15. Around My Kitchen Table

    A Miracle Truck? Only in America …. Where I work, in England, we have a man driving a small van who comes round once a day with sandwiches, crisps and fruit! The business is called Bob’s Buttery. I always want to say to him, “Are you really buttery?” but I don’t think he’d appreciate it!

  16. Ah bless, the cycacism and disappointment will kick in soon

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