What the Fluff? Dispatch from the 2nd Annual Fluff Festival in Union Square, Somerville

Fluff What the Flufff 2007

Fluff’s still giddy from Fluff’s adventures at the 2nd Annual What the Fluff? festival in Union Square, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the invention (should we say “discovery”?) of Fluff in Somerville, Massachusetts. Fluff was still talking about last year’s adventures at the fest, but this year just flipped Fluff’s little red lid.

Today, not only did Fluff get to consort with other Fluffs, but (insert favorite Fluff gender here) also got to meet Archibald Query, the man who brought the gooey marshmallow goodness to the masses.

Fluff Query

Fluff really wanted one of those prizes for the cooking contest.

Fluff Prizes

Fluff Cooking Contest

Fluff, however, really hoped that Fluff’s friends weren’t hurt in the Fluff bowling.

Fluff Fluff Bowling

There were Fluffernutters, Ice Cream, and a “Fear Factor” wheel (where contestants had to eat something with Fluff).

Fluff Making Fluffernutters

Fluff Ice Cream

Fluff Fear Factor Wheel

Prospect Hill Tower (a local tower) was re-created in Rice Crispy Treats

Fluff Prospect Hill Tower

Fluff checked out some music in front of the Independent, a watering hole with an excellent beer selection.

Fluff The Independent

A little controversy broke out when some people called attention to the absence of Strawberry and Raspberry Fluff at the festivities. Was it possible that What the Fluff? wasn’t being inclusive? Oh no!

Fluff Where's the Flavored Fluff

“I beg to differ,” Strawberry Flufferette said. With Fluff’s flavored friends represented, peace was restored.

Fluff Here's the Flavored Fluff

Everyone ate “Fluffy things,” and a grand time was had by all.

Fluff What the Fluff Crowd

Fluff’s exhausted.

To catch up with Fluff’s other adventures, click on the “Travels with Fluff’ link under “Favorite Posts,” and start at the bottom. Fluff may be from Somerville, but Fluff gets around.

11 responses to “What the Fluff? Dispatch from the 2nd Annual Fluff Festival in Union Square, Somerville

  1. Looks like Fluff had a grand day out.
    Don’t you think it’s a bit cruel to show other fluffs with their heads torn off and some of their innards removed and eaten, or is it all just part of the fluff way of life?

  2. Fluff, beer, sunshine and a girl in pink feathers.
    You know how to make a man happy, Sassy.

  3. How fluffin fun was that?

  4. That lookes like quite the crowd, Fluff must have been so pleased. And yes, Fluff gets around, the lucky one.

  5. I LOVE Archibald Query. What a character! It looks like a lot of fun.

  6. I’ve never eaten Fluff and he has never eaten me.

  7. I suspect there’s a dark side to Fluff… the porn industry, perhaps? Or a history of being something ‘on the side’, as in ‘just a bit of Fluff’?

    You know, a lot of these trans-Atlantic foodstuffs seem very strange to us.

  8. as Conan says there has to be more to Fluff, fluffers for example. What’s that all about.?

  9. Flirty Something

    hilarious, never heard of fluff before.

  10. Full, I suppose it was a bit cruel, but Fluff’s meant to be eaten.

    Dive, you should have seen those girls dance (I couldn’t get a good shot).

    Zirelda, it was Fluffin’ fun.

    Medbh, Fluff felt so popular and loved. It was a blast. And right down the street.

    Robyn, that guy is a hoot. Somehow I doubt the real Arichbald Query resembled our Archibald at all, but he was fantastic.

    Maria, once in your life, you ought to try it.

    Conan, you make Fluff blush. Fluff is older than the fluffer. However, the Flufferettes did make it a little bit more risque. Oh, and last I checked, the Irish have some strange foodstuffs too.

    Manuel, perhaps you should start serving a fluff inspired cocktail at the restaurant. Your patrons just might like it.

    Flirty, my whole experiment with photographing Fluff in strange places is nothing but fun. Glad you like it.

  11. That looks like it was a blast. I’m sad to have missed it.

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