Do the Whirlwind

It all started Friday night when Roommate had a date night so I went out to watch the Sox That all went fine until after the game when this guy kept buying me drinks I wound up making out with him a bit As I recall he wasn’t a good kisser I woke up the next morning with that feeling that it’s best that the details are hazy I had a killer headache Roommate laughed her ass off when I recounted the evening’s events in my little girl doesn’t feel good voice Had some water and prayed for death Rallied Made it out to the store to get a wedding gift for friend’s wedding the following day then went to the park so that I wouldn’t waste a beautiful day Bought a very cute dress for wedding as I have learned that looking good takes the sting out of spinsterhood Once shopping was completed I went home and collapsed on the couch for a time before rallying yet again to see Architecture in Helsinki Talk about a killer show Fun fun fun fun dance dance dance whirlwind blast Couldn’t stop smiling Got home Sox in bottom of the tenth Had bad feeling Collapsed into bed Woke up next morning to hear the score was thirteen to six What the fuck Got dressed and went to Friend’s wedding and had a genuinely delightful time I guess that can happen at weddings Caught up with old friends ate some food drank some wine came home Collapsed into bed Woke up and went to work Left work and drove to New Hampshire to see friend from England of original Fluff fame at her mom’s house Had wonderful time visiting with her and other friends That is until I found out the Sox lost yet again Drove home Collapsed into bed Woke up and went to work Long day Exhausted Got home and took off for hair appointment Ah the joy of having someone massage one’s head Exchanged drinking stories with hilarious and talented stylist Bought too many hair products Took train home Arrived just in time for the game to start Roommate and I swore at the television as the Sox lost yet again Collapsed into bed Got up and went to work where a monstrous index awaited my loving ministrations Long long day Got home Popped laundry in washer Fixed dinner Collapsed on couch and nearly fell asleep while watching the Grey’s spin off though I like it when Roommate came home We watched it together Put extra concert ticket up on Craigslist Sat down and typed this thing Will promptly collapse into bed Tomorrow am getting together with Fresh Hell and Andraste for beer and Sox Then off to Stars and then Vermont Sometime around Sunday I can get off this crazy thing for a bit Then it starts again Whilwind indeed

18 responses to “Do the Whirlwind

  1. so the red sox didn’t have a curse after all, they are just shite.

  2. Whirlwind indeed. Calling the Sox “shite” is a bit harsh. The Indians just have some great pitchers. Tonight will be another battle, Sundry–may the best team win.

    hee hee, I said “shite.”

  3. You kids; you just can’t stand the pace.

    Hee hee.
    Go, Indians!!!
    I had to say that or Robyn would hit me. And she punches hard.

  4. Knudsen, hush.

    Hee hee, Robyn.

    Dive, I used to beat up boys on a routine basis. I might come out of retirement for that one.

  5. I’m exhausted just reading it :-)

  6. This whole post is a deja vu. You dished me the spoiler last night! Yet still it managed to leave me exhausted again.

    I’m sliding on my drinkin’ boots, sista!

  7. God Sass, I’m tired just reading that.
    Looking good takes the sting out of spinsterhood. – Love it, stealing it. :)))))

  8. Spinster, Shminster. A man would only cramp that style.

  9. Holy Whirling Dirvish Batman….

    Too much, or maybe I’m just too old. I’ll settle for w(h)ine on the porch.

  10. You’ve been reading Kerouc again haven’t you? Hmmm?

    Cheers on the new dress and looking good, man or no man.

  11. Thanks to booze even ugly guys can get a kiss

  12. oh and GO INDIANS!!!!!

  13. There seems to be a lot of collapsing going on.

  14. Elizabeth Penmark

    Sassy, can I be you just for a week?

  15. So how much Guinness got drunk and did you manage to dodge the bullet?

    Oh and get Kate to sell you some punctuation marks, it should slow the whirlwind. Phew !!

    Leicester Tigers also lost their last 2 games but don’t panic about The Sox. There is always the next game.

  16. I knew it. You are the long lost child of Jack Kerouac. How he pulled that off is a mystery…but I think you have his eyes….

  17. Around My Kitchen Table

    As Princess Diana said (when she was Lady Di), you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Mind you, unlike Diana, I hope you live happily ever with your prince.

  18. Conortje, yesterday was a beautiful day—sunny, warm, likely the last nice weekend day we’re going to have—and I took a four-hour nap. Then I watched baseball.

    Sorry, Fresh. Thanks for being my testing ground.

    Kate, steal with pleasure. I rather liked it.

    Andraste, I think you have a point.

    Bah, Zirelda. I bet you have some whilrwind in you.

    Medbh, I had been thinking about this essay where a guy ate three Thai peppers and then paid the price, but I’ll take dear old Jack any time.

    Rich, you can get kicked out of New England for that kind of comment.

    You said it, Terroni.

    Elizabeth, most of the time my life’s pretty tame. But we can trade if you want.

    Full, just the right amount. We won.

    Thanks, Maria. You still have to post a shot of your eyes.

    Around, believe me, I’m doing my part for the frog population.

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