Oh Hell Yeah!!!!!

World Series, baby!

Wow, it was looking bad last week. All I can say is that the “triumvirate” (as Fresh Hell—baseball is her life, hee hee— put it) of Boston blog women must have worked some magic for our beloved Sox. Whatever it was, man, what a triad of games.

Scout, I did think of you when I saw the sad faces of the tribe. I’m sorry. They played some great baseball.

OK, off to collapse into bed.

Go Sox!!!!!


11 responses to “Oh Hell Yeah!!!!!

  1. “World”?
    Congratulations to you and your fellow Sox fans, Sassy.

  2. Hey, Dive, baseball is big in Japan. I don’t know why they call it that, but I don’t care. Because we’re going!

    It’s nice. This year I’m not completely hungover and praying for death.

  3. Nice of you to say they played some nice baseball, but when two men who make millions of dollars a piece collide off the third base line and let the ball bounce around in the grass, “nice baseball” is not the phrase that comes to mind.

    After seven games, I felt like Manny Ramirez and Big Papi were my pals. I’ll have to watch the World Series just to catch up on old times.

  4. It’s thrilling. I usually find baseball a silly game and tedious to watch, but the mob mentality is truly infectious. I’m over the moon about it. And if a blog pal convergence is what it takes to send me over the moon, I much prefer it to psychotropic drugs to produce happiness.

  5. Should be fun. I don’t think Colorado has ever been in a World Series before. Now we are on different teams Sassy. :)

    Good luck.

  6. Agreed Dive, “World”?

    What about Cuba?

    Baseball is a religon down there.

    I saw a diamond on every available open space when I was over there.

    We also play over here but it’s a girls game called rounders. (oopps sorry)!!

  7. “World” indeed. The Red Sox line-up contains players who are Japanese, Canadian, Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican, as well as American.

    I see what you guys are getting at: if you want to call it a “World” series, you should invite another country or two, at least, and to an extent, I agree. But let’s face it – all the world’s best players are already here and playing on US and Canadian teams…so in that sense, it IS very much an international competition!

    On another note – I hope the Red Sox sweep, because my barely adequate psychic defenses can’t handle another series like that ALCS. Props to Cleveland, though. They’re a hell of a team!

  8. Hell yeah GO SOX!!!

  9. Ugh. Sorry, but men hitting balls with sticks isn’t entertainment for me, or throwing balls, for millions of dollars they just blow on stupid crap. I hate this time of year, hate being lumped in with the dufus'(would plural of dofus be dufi?) of MA. I wonder if it would be easier to be a fan of the Sox if I didn’t live only twenty minutes out of Boston.

  10. So…um..yeah. Who won again?

  11. The Hangar Queen

    You do know that you three are going to have to re-convene the triumvirate every year now?… Right?

    Else thy Crimson Nylons be cursed.

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