Going to California: My Heart Aches

OK, I’m awake and alive. Life went into whirlwind pattern again (shows, work, brief fling with a neighbor, etc.), and I just haven’t been able to get to this blog. And now Little Sassy Schmoozer is dragging me, kicking and screaming, to California. Truly, I have an aching in my heart. The good news is that Fluff will be joining us, and I think I can give Little Sassy Schmoozer the slip long enough to get some photos. Wish me luck. Miss you all! I’ll be back just before Thanksgiving.


10 responses to “Going to California: My Heart Aches

  1. It is alive! So glad your head is still above water. I was about to worry, but thought better of it.

    Dyin’ to hear the scoop on the neighbor.

    Enjoy California and some real fine Mexican food.

  2. Enjoy California.

    I can’t believe you’d let slip with the thing with the neighbor and just run away without details.

  3. Oh Boy! When you go quiet, you’re not exactly dormant, are you?

    Yes, please do dish about this neighbor thingy so I can live the fun, free, single life vicariously.

  4. Enjoy the trip!

  5. Hooray, she lives!!

    Fluff… IN ALCATRAZ! Please!

    Safe travels.

  6. Did somebody just walk in the room, yell out a whole load of tantalising hints about juicy gossip, then walk out again?
    Women … Huh!

  7. *Tapping foot with arms crossed and hair in rollers*
    And where have you been young lady?


  8. Have fun n that…..

  9. Have lots o’ fun! Looking forward to pics.

  10. dude, i can’t keep track of you…meant to get in touch before your trip but i guess i missed you.

    take charge in california – i’m looking forward to seeing you post-feast in LA.

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