Travels with Fluff: Where in the Hell is Carmen, San Diego?

Fluff Gaslamp Quarter

Happy New Year! Not much new here. Went out, drank too much, and spent New Year’s Day on the couch watching movies, thinking that it was about time I did my promised Fluff post. As some of you know, Little Sassy Schmoozer dragged me off to San Diego in November for a big conference. What a taskmaster! She had me glad-handing so many people, and she hardly let Fluff and me out of her sight to do the tourist thing. So, the pictures aren’t so good—and they’re all in the Gaslamp Quarter—but here they are.

Fluff Lee's Cafe

Fluff went to Lee’s Café for breakfast one day. Lee’s Café is a rather amazing place. It’s a Chinese diner, meaning that they’ll do your eggs any way you like, or you can get Chinese food. You can also get cereal.

Fluff Inside Lee's Cafe

When Young Coworker and I followed Fluff into Lee’s, there were about ten men of various ages and backgrounds hunched silently over coffee and food. We knew we were in for a treat. It was fantastic.

Fluff Fake Irish San Diego

An “Authentic Irish Pub” in San Diego. Because California is so like Ireland.

Fluff Wyatt Earp

Yeah, yeah, Wyatt Earp.

Fluff Border Patrol

Yikes! Fluff thought that maybe Fluff was illegal. We gave them the slip.

That’s it. I hate Little Sassy Schmoozer. She doesn’t let me have any fun. My Memphis friend and I are discussing taking a little trip somewhere exciting sometime soon, however, and LSS is not invited.

If you’re new to Travels with Fluff, check out the link under Favorite Posts. Fluff gets around.

8 responses to “Travels with Fluff: Where in the Hell is Carmen, San Diego?

  1. That Fluff is one lucky and well-travelled jar of goo.
    Happy New Year, Sassy.
    May you and Fluff have many trips in the year ahead.

  2. Flirty Something

    oh dear, an Irish pub called the Field!

  3. Is that a plastic or glass Fluff? I would imagine both have their traveling perils: breakage or smooshing. How do you keep it safe? Check or carry-on?

  4. Fluff gets to go places Z doesn’t. Ah well.

  5. Great to see Fluff getting around again, Sassy.
    I thought San Diego was sunny? It really does look depressingly like Ireland.

  6. fluff gets about more than I do…..and if it was a real irish pub there would be 20 people outside smoking……..and one selling copied dvd’s

  7. Medbh, I consider myself fortunate to join Fluff in my travels. Happy New Year to you too!

    It was so authentic, Flirty.

    Welcome, Rebe! The tub is plastic, and it was full for three years. With the regulations regarding liquids, and the leaking seal, I decided to empty it. Don’t tell anyone.

    Z, it’s never to late to start.

    Dive, the one day I got to wander about, it was not sunny at all. There were a couple of beautiful days, but I was inside.

    Thanks for the tip, Manuel. I’ll look for the DVD guy before going in.

  8. November is not the best month in the Gritty Waffle – try October if you’re in the mood for the best weather around!
    (can we tell I’m a native and I love it?)

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