The Sassy Sundries: Six Months (?!) of My Life in Review

I say, GODAMN! Six months, more, since I last tended this bloggy thing? Oh Holy Jesus. I can’t believe it.

Well, to tell you the truth, I do believe it. For one thing, Fresh Hell hasn’t let me forget it (see below for more about that fabulous lady). For another, even if you’ve forgotten all about me, I have thought about you denizens of Blogville a lot these last months. Robyn, I hadn’t checked that inbox in quite some time. Thanks for you concern—I am still alive, and all things considered, just fine and dandy. Dive, I miss you.

God, what a lot of pressure. The first post back has to be perfect. Or, at least that’s what I kept telling myself, which is why I haven’t posted for so long. Tonight, though, I say fuck it to that thought, because it’s high time I wrote something. And what better way for me to break back into blogging than with an extended version of the Sassy Sundries, my tally of things personal, political, and nonsensical. Without further ado, here are the Sassy Sundries for the last six months:

Call me Auntie Sassy. My sister had the cutest, coolest little boy on the planet back in March. Babies might not be my thing, but my goodness I love that little guy. He seems to dig me too. The last time he saw me, his face lit up, he smiled, and reached for me. He’s just great. I’ve dressed him up in homemade onesies with sayings like, “When two people love each other very much…” and “I ate, slept, and pooped today!” Styling baby, Nephew is. Plus Twenty

Now that Mom’s officially Grammy, she’s been dropping not-so-subtle hints that it’s high time for me to settle down. Had a bit of a rough visit this past weekend. I called her up tonight, though, and we seem to have sorted things out. Three cheers for therapy! Minus Two

Knudsen scares me. He predicted a McCain presidency way back when, and I hope to Everything that his prediction was only true for the nomination. Come on, Obama! We need you! Minus Two for the prediction; Plus Three for hoping we get us some change.

Speaking of politics, what happened to our Democratic majority in Congress? I just checked the news, and they caved to Dumb W about warrantless wiretapping. Ever heard of the Fourth Amendment, people? And why are we still funding that illegal, pointless war? Minus Ten

Fresh Hell and I have become fast friends, proof that Blogville camaraderie can exist in reality. Love you, Lady. And, Andraste, the three of us are due for some beer! Plus Twenty

Blogging wasn’t the only thing I took a break from. Aside from the Australia Day Smooching Incident, and a wee little Irish fellow asking me, “Do you want to go home and fuck?” (priceless accent—but the line still didn’t work) after a night of heavy drinking with Fresh, I hadn’t had any hint of dating action since the holidays until last week. Alas, the “date” was a setup, and there was no chemistry whatsoever. Still, we made the best of it and us a fine old time, laughing about how we didn’t want to get into one another’s knickers. It might not have been a real date, but the seal’s broken, and I think I might be ready to risk my heart again. Even

So it only happened because Little Blue Peep finally bit the dust, but I’m still happy to say that I’ve reduced my carbon footprint. Now that I’m sans car, things take a little bit more planning to happen, but I’m managing just fine. My Sudoku skills have definitely improved. Plus Three

OK, so the Sox are in second place? There’s still time. And we’re not second to the Yankees. Even

Total Plus: 46
Total Minus: 14


12 responses to “The Sassy Sundries: Six Months (?!) of My Life in Review

  1. Woohoo!!!I’m first. We have all missed you, Sassy. I’m glad you’re alive, and I’m glad your tally is in the positive. Don’t disappear now that you’ve returned from the blog dead.

    You’re back!

    Thankfully for you, I’ve been busy with school and posting has been light the last 6 months. It shouldn’t take you long to read and comment on everything you’ve missed on my blog. Not long at all.

  3. “It’s Aliiiiiive!”

    Holy crap. Two days after I take your “Intelligent America” link and put you in the archives as “Classic Sassy” you dig your way out of the grave and walk in to Blogville like nothing happened.
    Excuse me if I fall off my barstool then get up and hug you.

    Congrats on the auntie thing! Hey, I ate, slept and pooped today, too! A privilege of the very young and the very old, together with dribbling and smelling of wee.

    Glad to hear you’re still politically Sassy!
    And tell Fresh Hell to post again, dammit!

    Hey ho. I suppose I’d better go haul your ass out of the archives.
    Yes, I missed you, too. Welcome back! Yaaaay!

  4. Wuh-heeeyyyyy!

    I confess, I thought you had ditched your computer and moved to Amish country. So glad you’re up and running!

    Drink? Yes indeedy!

    Congratulations on the nephew!

  5. travelling, but not in love

    Ok, so I’m new here. Came across you via Conortje…and it seems we have lots of links in common.

    Anyway, the post made me laugh – I like the scoring thing….will be back to see what else happens in your world….


  6. Welcome back, Sassy. Nice to see you up and running again.

  7. the fact that you’re back – +6000


  8. Aw. Shucks. You are all so sweet.

    Scout, you are first! Thanks for the wishes. I’ll not stray so far again.

    Terroni, HOLY SHIT indeed! Looking forward to catching up.

    Dive, you’re fantastic. Thanks for the enthusiasm.

    Andraste, the Amish won’t have me. We’ll e-mail and find ourselves a watering hole soon.

    Welcome, Traveling! Thanks for stopping by, and glad you liked your visit.

    Conortje, hearing from you, plus +12,000.

  9. Is that a new hairdo?

    Glad to have you back….

  10. You escaped! I was sure the eggheads of Swacers tricked you into singing This Is the Song that Never Ends and you were trapped in a vortex. I was about to send a small army of nerds to rescue you. So glad to see your valiant pen again.

  11. Yay, you’re back! I’ve been wondering how you were going.
    Congrats on becoming an auntie. I’ve just become an auntie again (for the fifth time) and it’s a bloody cool thing. And you get to hand the wee ones back.

    Looking forward to your updates.

  12. Yes!!! You’re back! I looked in every now and then and now you’re here! Just when we need your take on the run up to the elections. Go Sassy go.

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