Disney, My Heart’s Devotion! Let It Sink Back in the Ocean!—Another Eavesdropping Story

Last Friday evening, before Fresh Hell played “It’s Fun to Smoke Dust” (see post below), you could have found us at a packed bar in Union Square. There we had discussed, among other things, Florida. Specifically, how much we hate Florida. “See,” Fresh said, “when I think about Florida, I don’t feel so bad about global warming . . . Florida is just going to go away.”

I shook my head. “Ah, Fresh. You really do know how to push buttons, don’t you?”

“Come on, now!”

She had a point, I suppose. Maybe part of a point.

Anyhow, like I said, the bar was crowded. A birthday party had gathered at the end, and the hostess asked Fresh and me if we wouldn’t mind moving down, so we did. We talked some more, and then I had to go off to the loo.

Three women, friends, were already in the stalls when I arrived, and they were gushing about one of the friend’s upcoming vacation.

“Aren’t you excited about going to Disney?”

“Yes! It’s going to be so great. I know I haven’t been there in, like, ten years, but it’s going to be so great!”

“Oh yeah. There’s so much to do there as an adult.”

“Shops, restaurants.”

“It’s just so clean!”

They all flushed at the same time, and came out discussing Magic Mountain. Upstairs, they rejoined the birthday party.

Hmm . . . Maybe Fresh is onto something.

9 responses to “Disney, My Heart’s Devotion! Let It Sink Back in the Ocean!—Another Eavesdropping Story

  1. and clean is good? Oh the horror!

  2. Bah! I’m actually going to Disney in Orland in a couple of weeks. Do you hate me? It really is clean.

  3. HA! What are we, in the same bars?! I overheard that myself but a couple weeks ago, how much FUN Disneyland is as an adult, how CLEAN and SAFE it is… Sorry, not my idea of a vacation for an adult. Take your 8-year-old — once! — and let it go already.

  4. Hee hee.
    Robyn; enjoy it while Florida is still afloat.
    I kinda like clean. At my age a clean hotel room in a safe area is pretty attractive.
    Disney scares the crap out me though.

  5. Don’t get me started on Florida.

    Humidity, rednecks, ubiquitous pastel and ‘fish-themed’ decorating, depressing decay and a shitty ballpark. Ugh.

    I have a bug up my ass about anything below the bible belt, but my hatred of Florida goes deep.

    And Disney – blee. Walt Disney is just as guilty of cheapening American culture as Hugh Hefner.

    Oh, look at that, I got started…

  6. conortje–I’ve never heard of “clean” being a criteria for a good vacation. I feel like Disney would dirty my soul.

    Oh, Scout. I could never hate you. I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Pearl—Welcome! Thanks for commenting. A virtual cheers for avoiding the clean.

    Dive—It’s one thing to have a clean place to stay. It’s another to get all excited about your vacation because you’re going someplace clean.

    Andraste, Fresh and I were talking about getting together soon. You would have been most welcome in our conversation. We’ll figure something out soon.

  7. Oh, poo on you all. I spend all day interviewing and researching and writing about ways to improve society, and just for a week I’d like to lighten up and float along in It’s A Small World and whistle with Cinderella in her freaking castle.

    I’m going, and I’m going to like it. Our culture has plenty of cheap crap in it not attributed to Walt Disney, who only wanted to brighten the lives of others because his own childhood was shit. I think it’s OK to add a little fantasy and cuteness to the mix now and then without being weighed down with the heaviness of everything else around us.

  8. I’ll never forgive them for what they did to Winnie the Pooh!

  9. Robyn, you have fun. You aren’t a twenty-four-year-old yuppie headed off to Disney instead of seeing the world. It isn’t my cup of tea, but I hope it doesn’t sink while you are there.

    Conortje, I’m with you about Winnie. Pooh on them!

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