Mmmmm Doggies! The 89 Bus to Outer Space!

Yesterday evening, I caught the 89 bus to meet up with Date in Davis Square. As I tapped my card, the bus driver called out, “Good Evening! Thank you for riding the T! Doors are closing!”

Startled a bit, I said thanks and took a seat near the front. Another rider pressed the stop button, and even though the mechanical voice registered the request, she called out, “Stop coming! Woo hoo! We’re riding now!”

As she jerked the bus to a halt at the next stop, she thanked every rider. “Thank you, folks, for riding the T! Doors are closing! Mmmmm doggies! We’re riding now! Yahoo!”

I looked around the bus at the other riders. Many wore nervous smirks. Was this the bus to Davis Square, or an alien abduction? “Yes, indeed, folks! We are riding!”

“The bus driver is insane,” I texted to Date. Next text, “She keeps saying whoo doggies! And then she thanks us for taking the t.” I kept looking around. A few riders shrugged their shoulders. Language barriers tumbled down. Amusement registered everywhere.

The bus driver kept it up. “Mmmmm! Doggies! Yahoo! We’re riding. Eighty-nine to Davis Square! Thank you for riding the T! Next stop coming! Bus connections!”

A decided freak she was, but the thing is, people started responding kindly to her. A rider sitting next to me got off the bus at Winter Hill and thanked her for the ride. “My pleasure. People ain’t got no manners these days. I always say thank you. Thank you, folks, for riding the T! Mmmm doggies! Yes, we are moving now!”

She kept this up all the way Davis, where everyone thanked her profusely as they got off the bus. What a fun trip to outer space.

10 responses to “Mmmmm Doggies! The 89 Bus to Outer Space!

  1. See, now THAT’S what I want to see in a bus driver!

  2. Thank you for writing about it. Mmmmm Doggies! you brought a smile to my day.

    Great writing job as you brought us aboard with you.

  3. I think I got that same driver on the 89 tonight. She kept saying “Yee-ha!” when someone hit a stop button.

  4. I’ve encountered this driver too. Interesting ride …

    (here from UniversalHub)

  5. She sounds wonderful, Sassy.

    We have a driver on the tube (the London Underground) who likes to give a running commentary on everything we’re missing by taking what he calls “the scenic route”.
    ” … and if you look just over to your left, on the other side of the tunnel wall is the ground underneath beautiful Mansion House …” etc.

    The world needs more silly people and less stupid ones.

  6. I only get the bus drivers who hit the brakes as hard as possible or the ones who seem to have road rage and no business driving anything that moves. That sounds absolutely refreshing.

  7. guitarguynboston

    My husband was riding a bus in Malden the other night it was the 106 or 108 and it had to have been the same driver. He was texting me the whole way laughing saying it was the best bus driver. haha

  8. fun and indeed and just a little scary hehe

  9. Pearl, at least it was entertaining.

    Welcome, Penny! I’m glad you liked the post.

    Welcome, Ceo! You are right. I forgot about the Yee-haw!

    Thank you for the comment, Anon. She was indeed an interesting driver.

    Dive, I wish I’d had that Tube driver. I just remember having to pay very close attention, as I could never understand the announcements.

    Maria, I could tell you stories about asshole bus drivers.

    Welcome, Guitar Guy! She is a true Boston treasure, I think.

    Conortje, I was rather scared, but I eventually relaxed.

  10. I love this story, and that freaky driver. Good for her.

    Bus drivers who take you from airports to rental car places can be just as slap-happy.

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