Day One Not Going So Well . . .

Well, day one of the resolution isn’t going so well, as anyone following my drunken tweets last night knows. While I did indeed wake up early, it was to one godawful hangover.

It all started innocently enough. Just a couple of drinks with Andraste. However, I wasn’t ready for the night to end when we parted company. So I went out some more. Big, big, big mistake. It was one of those crazy nights when I know I talked to a whole bunch of people, don’t really know how I got home, and blathered on and on to my roommate when I got home.

Yeah, I’m proud.

Robyn and Daughter Number One decided to head back a day early, which is probably just as well. We had a nice phone conversation yesterday, just before I started making bad decisions.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

5 responses to “Day One Not Going So Well . . .

  1. hey, it;s all good eh…..

    you still alive then?

  2. I am ridiculously excited about your date. You would think it was MY date….

  3. Sheesh!
    You kids …

  4. If at first… etcetera…

  5. Thanks, Manuel. You were a real sport. I am indeed still alive.

    Maria, I’m excited too. And a bit nervous. It should be a good time.

    Dive, I know…

    Conan, that’s the general plan.

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