Big Brother Is Watching You Pee

Last night Fresh Hell and I descended into the Cellar in Cambridge for some tasty grub and satisfying brew. We had ourselves a delightful repast and then decided to then head over to the Plough and Stars. Before leaving the Cellar, however, I needed to visit the loo. There I learned this:

Big Brother Is Watching You Pee

Great. Not only can Big Brother see into my living room, but now he’s also watching me pee. Looks like Killroy is too. Perverts.

I think this little addition is best sung to the tune of the Who’s Christmas song in How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original version, not that Jim Carey abomination):

Shut Up Doris

After yucking it up over the grafiti, Fresh and I wandered over to the Plough and Stars, where we enjoyed the sounds of the Cranktones. The best part is that today, I’m no worse for the wear.

5 responses to “Big Brother Is Watching You Pee

  1. ah toilet graffiti… there anything better? it’s at it’s best when people add stuff on to it……I have no examples but you know what I mean…..

  2. There is this neighborhood movie house near our house that shows indie movies. We love it because the women’s bathroom actually has a wall where anyone can write whatever they wish. They paint over it every month. The lines are loooonnngg in that place.

  3. yeahhh a mention of the Grinch in April! big fan here (only watched a few seconds of that new version and was horrified).

  4. Manuel, you’re right. That is the best kind. There were examples of that in the same stall, but they were X-rated, and not nearly as funny.

    Maria, that’s fantastic! We have a place like that around here, but they supply chalk.

    Conortje, I can always get into the Whos. You are a brave human to have caught even a few seconds of that new one.

  5. I remember when those little men with big noses and peering eyes were everywhere.

    I love to read bathroom grafiti.

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