Yay! Sunshine and Tacky Things!

White Flowering Tree

What glorious days we’ve had in New England of late. Spring burst into summer, and I for one have been delighted to be a victim of the current economy these past few days. Yesterday I even went to the beach. Here are some photos from my wander through the Arnold Arboretum in JP.




Flowering Tree


White Flowers and the Sky

Hello, Yellow


I also went flea marketing with my family on Sunday. I so adore tacky things.



Happy Log

Kitty Shakers
Kitty Shakers

Doll Head

I'll Get You . . .
Nice, Friendly Face

Sleeping Gnome
Sleeping Gnome

I did see a few cool things:

Typewriter Keys
Typewriter Keys

Thank You
Thank You

3 responses to “Yay! Sunshine and Tacky Things!

  1. Now see. This is why I don’t go to flea markets.

    I wish dogwoods would bloom all summer long.

  2. did you buy tacky things? I heart tacky things too…..

  3. most of my clothes are tacky things…..arf

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