Do Your Glasses Match Your Underwear? An Adventure in Networking

Yesterday evening a friend and I went to a networking shindig at a bar in Beacon Hill. Once there, we got to talking to a young man. It turned out that he was also unemployed (shocking, I know), and so we talked about the joys and sorrows of being work-free. Just as I was getting ready to try to meet some other people, this woman passed us.

“Check out those glasses! Aren’t they fantastic?” the guy said.

I agreed, as they were indeed fantastic.

The guy went on, “Don’t you want to ask her about them?” And then, his voice getting a little suggestive, he asked, “Don’t you want to know if her underwear matches her glasses?”

Wha??? Eeewww! “Um . . . I guess I hadn’t really thought about that?” I replied, inching away.

The guy leaned in close, “My underwear is horn-rimmed, by the way,” wiggling his eyebrows above his horn-rimmed glasses.

I had nothing. Absolutely nothing. My face made an involuntary grimace, and I stammered. “Um . . . “ Just then, someone else walked by, and I walked right over and introduced myself.

Later on in the evening, the young man walked over to say goodbye. Since I’d given him my business card before the glasses-match-underwear incident, he said he would be in touch on LinkedIn or Facebook.

“Please friend me,” he pleaded. “We could all use more friends in this world.”

“Um . . .”

6 responses to “Do Your Glasses Match Your Underwear? An Adventure in Networking

    Hilarious, Sassy.
    Horn-rimmed undies.

    I’ll bet he’s hired in no time.

  2. “horn-rimmed undies.” Oh dear.

    Um… would be about the size of my reaction too. Hard to come up with a good retort for that.


    Pah. Nothing.

  3. You know what my gut tells me? He was trying to impress you by saying one of those quirky one liners that you hear in movies and everyone thinks is so edgy and cool.

    Except that this was sort of a poor choice.

  4. I have heard “Does the carpet match the drapes” before but not glasses and undies… LOL

  5. horn-rimmed underwear! That is hysterical. I wonder how many times he has used that line, and if it’s ever worked for him.

  6. Bet they were Bi……………………………focals

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