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The View from Here

One of these days, Fluff will be making a pilgrimage around Fluff’s hometown (Somerville is the birthplace of Fluff). Until my leg is all better, though, I will leave you with photos of my view from my front window.

View Daytime


Let the Week of Lame-o Posts Continue: Another iPod Shuffle

OK, so I should have planned ahead and written a kickass post and just left it up for a week or so while I packed up my worldly goods. I didn’t. So this is a week of lame-o posts. First the “personal DNA” and then some one-word answers to questions. Now it’s another iPod shuffle, because I know you are all dying to know what I fill my ears with. In an effort to make this stupid post a little bit more interesting, I’ve done a little write-up on each song.

“Radio Delhi #2”—Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound
Radio India is one of my favorite albums. At some point in the mid-nineties, the Eternal Dream of Sound project recorded radio stations from around the globe. This track has a lot of Bollywood and some very eerie folk music. Then it switches to some sitar and back to pop. Highly recommended.

“If Looks Could Kill”—Camera Obscura: Let’s Get Out of This Country
While one could hardly say that the lyrics make sense, the 60s girl-group vibe of this song is contagious. I find myself bouncing up and down in my seat.

“Browning”—Edith Piaf: Voice of the Sparrow
OK, I know a movie is coming out about Edith Piaf, but I’ve had this album forever. I love listening to Piaf for dinner music or on a relaxing Sunday morning. The gun-pop in this song always kills me.

“Words You Used to Say”—Dean and Britta: Back Numbers
Sigh… It’s not Luna, but I am so happy to hear his voice again. I snoozed and lost with getting tickets to see the husband and wife act perform at the MFA. I’m still kicking myself.

“Black Wave/ Bad Vibration”—Arcade Fire: Neon Bible
I’m a bit of a whore for Canadian music. I don’t love Neon Bible as much as Funeral, but that said, it’s still an amazing album. It’s funny, Win Butler sounds like an incarnation of Ian McCullough, but Arcade Fire still manages to sound completely original at the same time.

“This Charming Man”—Stars: Nightsongs
I love this little ditty. But that’s probably because of my obsession with Canada these days.

“Dinner Bells”—Wolf Parade: (Demo)
Wolf Parade—one of the best acts of the zeros if you ask me. This song, like everything else they’ve recorded, is amazing. Plus, see above statement about Canadian music.

“Don’t Dream It’s Over”—Crowded House: (Compilation)
OK, I know it’s played in supermarkets, but I get misty whenever I hear it.

“Murder Me Rachel”—The National: Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers
In a word, Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers rocks. If you don’t have it, get it. Now. Swoon… Matt Berninger has a sexy voice.

“Breakfast in Bed”—Dusty Springfield: Dusty in Memphis
Yeah. Great song. Enough said.

Saved by a Meme

Thanks, Dive and Vic. Packing’s sapped all my creative energy, and so here’s another meme. You can only type one word in response to the following prompts. Your turn.

1. Yourself: Adventurous

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Intriguing

3. Your hair: Wavy

4. Your mother/stepmother: Intense

5. Your dog: Spastic

6. Your favorite item: Unknown

7. Your dream last night: Wandering

8. Your favorite drink: Wine

9. Your dream car: Bike

10. The room you are in: Office

12. Your fear: Stasis

13. What you want to be in 10 years: Happy

14. Who you hung out with last night: Therapist

15. What you’re not: Dull

16. Muffin: Meadow

17: One of your wish list items: Travel

18: Time: Irrelevant

19. The last thing you did: Typed

20. What you are wearing: Sweater

21. Your favorite weather: Spring

22. Your favorite book: Unknown

23. The last thing you ate: Piave

24. Your life: Interesting

25. Your mood: Sleepy

26. Your best friend/s: Ebullient

27. What are you thinking about right now? Coffee

28. Your car: Old

29. What are you doing at the moment?: Listening

30. Your summer: Blast

31. Your relationship status: Interesting

32. What is on your TV?: Nothing

33. What is the weather like?: Cloudy

34. When is the last time you laughed?: Now

My Week in Review

Boston’s Weekly Dig has a column called the Bean Counter where they assign numerical values to the week’s events. I thought I would do my own. Behold, the Sassy Sundries.

I joined another online dating site and got six guys trying to instant message me at once. Plus Two

None of them were really my type.
Minus One

City of Boston brought to its knees by Lite Brite. I can’t stop laughing.
Plus One

Everyone keeps calling it a “terrorist hoax,” even though it was just a marketing campaign and wasn’t meant to scare anyone.
Minus One

The guys employed by Turner Network to hang the “bombs” monkey around with the press and talk about hairstyles. Plus Three

Molly Ivins, one of the sharpest, sassiest, and insightful columnists in the country dies. Minus Four

Dive’s reaction to finding out that I was a cheerleader. Plus Five

Scientists from around the world state unequivocally that global warming is real and that the burning of fossil fuels is the culprit. Plus Five

Bush won’t do anything about it except talk about nuke-u-lar power.
Minus Four

The Administration wants to go to war with Iran. I had been hoping that Seymour Hersh’s New Yorker article was wrong, even though I knew better.
Minus Five

We haven’t had real snow yet, and it’s freaking me out. Minus Two

Plus Total: 16
Minus Total: 17

Total for the Week: Minus 1

If my math’s wrong, tough. The Dig messes it up too.

The World Would Be a Better Place If ________

Bless Robyn’s heart. She’s given us another assignment. This time I’m truly grateful, because I am feeling about as creative as Sauce (see photo in earlier post). She has asked us to fill in the blank for this sentence: “The world would be a better place if ________. “

For some reason, I keep singing that ditty, “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony…” after thinking about the question, but I still managed to come up with a few answers. They aren’t deep, as they’ve come from someone with the creativity of Sauce. I make no apologies.

The world would be a better place if:

— we didn’t have to work for a living.
— everyone had everything they needed.
— chocolate was a diet food.
— we didn’t need diet foods.
— I could dance all the time.
— we could, well, just get along.
— every day was like Sunday, but not silent or gray.
— laundry did itself.
— there was always a concert in the park, and the band was good.
— red wine, good champagne, and Guinness were available at will.
— I had a massage every day.
— my daily massage was given by a hot man named Sven.
— everyone got their minds out of the gutter.
— everyone had knowing little smiles on their faces all the time.
— nice dogs lived forever.
— we could fly.
— I had a teleporter.
— we could switch back and forth from childhood to adulthood as we saw fit.
— everyone was healthy and happy and lived in peace.

Tag. You’re It.

Life, the Universe, and Not Much Going On

If you have not seen these flicks yet, and if you can stomach violence, go see Children of Men and Pan’s Labyrinth. Children of Men’s use of sound and color to convey the struggle for hope and survival made it the most remarkable futuristic film I’ve seen since Blade Runner. The nightmarish, yet strangely beautiful, fantasy of Pan’s Labyrinth, interwoven with a brutal tale of the end of the Spanish Civil War, is simply stunning in its originality. Neither film insults its audience by neatly filling in the story; instead they challenge the audience to find the meaning. Mexican directors are making beautiful films these days.

Aside from that, not a hell of a lot is going on with me. I had lunch with my parents on Sunday. I was able to keep my it’s-cold-out-leave-me-the-hell-alone prickliness from getting the best of me, and we had a decent time. We went into a British imports store, and I found this shelf of goodies. Let it not be said that American food is the only thing worthy of a bit of mockery.

British Goodies

Mmmm. Sauce. Fruity Sauce. Tasty. Gimme some Marmite. I’ve spared everyone the tinned Spotted Dick on the top shelf.

This morning I woke up to this beautiful sight out my living room window. Finally, a bit of the white stuff.

Snowy Day

Spice Girl

spice shelf

Dive saved me from having to come up with a post idea today (sorry, I’m not feeling terribly creative this week). For some reason, he’s really into his spices. He’s asked us to post pictures of our spice racks. Well, I have a little spice shelf. I get my spices at the health food store, and I got cute little jars to put them in. I keep them on a shelf I bought at a flea market a couple of years ago.

Enjoy the spicy!

Off subject: I do not watch a lot of things on You Tube, but last night I saw this video at my sister’s house. You may have seen this before, but I hadn’t. I laughed my ass off. I’m still singing the song.


I had a post up about a crazy proposal we received today, but upon reflection, I decided that it was too mean. Upon reflection, I actually feel terrible that I was laughing at the poor guy. Funny (and more than a bit scary) though it may have been, it’s not his fault that he thinks the way he thinks. So, it’s down. Apologies to anyone who saw it.

This is been a week of reconnecting with people. Yesterday afternoon I had lunch with two old coworkers. Then I had dinner with one of my best friends. She lives in Portland, about two hours from here, so we don’t see each other all that often. We met up in Portsmouth, our halfway point.

While wandering around in the freezing cold trying to find a place to eat, we walked past a café, and I saw an old, dear friend who I haven’t seen for nearly three years. She’s gone through a lot in those years. Although nothing happened between us, I was not sure she would want to see me. I almost kept going, but I walked in the café instead. I said her name, and when she looked up, she had the widest smile. We chatted, exchanged phone numbers, and we’re going to keep in touch. I’ve really missed her, so it feels great.

And today I heard from someone I’d been thinking about a lot lately. Things are a bit complicated, but I’ve also really missed her. She’s a good friend. She wants me to knit her some mittens. I think I’ll do it.

So good things are happening.