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For some reason, the opening scene of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead* came to mind when I spied these displays at the flea market.

Rocket Head

Scary Head


*If you haven’t seen this one, you really must. Time was, you had to send away to the UK to get the DVD (which I did) or score a bootleg copy from Asia (which a friend did for me), but no more. Now it is available in the US, and so you have no excuse. Once you see it, you’ll see that my photos have absolutely nothing to do with the opening scene, except they do.

Flying Golf Balls!

Smokestack and I cracked up laughing over this sign spotted at the beach on Saturday while waiting for our snack from the vendor. “Somehow, I think flying golf balls might disrupt the dunes,” I mused aloud, giggling. Perhaps it was the vodka punch, but the picture still makes me laugh.

Nothing, however, could compare with the guffaws after we overheard a woman shouting, “THAT’S NOT HEALTHY! STOP THAT! THAT’S NOT HEALTHY!” while waiting in line for the bathroom. We opted for the other loo.

Just thought I’d share.

Kate’s Blogville Challenge (via Dive)

So Dive took up Kate’s challenge and thought that we should post pictures of ourselves to make a fake Photoshop image of the denizens of Blogland.

I’ve resisted posting pictures of myself on this thing, wishing to keep my anonymity, but what the hell. Here I am. Rocking you like a hurricane with Fluff in the background.

Happy, Dive?

The View from Here

One of these days, Fluff will be making a pilgrimage around Fluff’s hometown (Somerville is the birthplace of Fluff). Until my leg is all better, though, I will leave you with photos of my view from my front window.

View Daytime


Lost in the Dollar Store

This past weekend found me up in Portland, Maine, visiting one of my dear friends. As we weren’t feeling overly energetic, we decided to go to the dollar store for adventures. My peals of laughter probably disrupted everyone’s shopping experience while we were there, but I think you’ll see what set me off. Here are just a few of the wonderful items I spied.


Tell me this doesn’t sound like a social disease

Banana Twins
Somehow the word “soft” doesn’t really seem to belong here.
I kept wanting to shout “Activate!” in honor of the Wonder Twins

Patriotic Spray Cheese
For all your patriotic spray cheese needs

Faux Spam

If Spam is faux meat, what is faux Spam?


When I think of dew, I always think of margarine from 1963

Sweet Love
Chef from South Park has cooked up a little something
for those “not-so-fresh” days

Wintry Evening

Well, Storm of the Century it was not, but at least I’ve had my snowed-in fix for the year. I left work early to beat the ice and mayhem and planned to work at home. Instead, I made a delicious lunch of toasted Gruyere sandwich, green beans, and rosemary potatoes (oh, and a small glass of wine); called people to see if they were snowed in; and did about an hour’s worth of work over espresso. Then I watched Casablanca. My Tennessee friend chided me for this, as we are supposed to watch nothing but slasher flicks on V-D, but what can I say? The weather made me feel romantic.

Here’s what I looked at this morning, kids.

Ice 2-15-2007

Ice on My Window Makes Me Chilly

Ice on my storm window 2-5-2007

Greetings from a cold, yet beautiful, morning.