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Random Monday Musings

Holy crap, this story made me laugh. I can see it now. A family brings home their Christmas tree, and the fresh pine scent fills the house. Mugs of hot chocolate all around. Singing along with the Christmas music, the family begins to decorate. Everything is just holiday perfect until… Aieeeeee! The tree has beady little eyes! I can see a horror movie franchise here. Perhaps I should write a screenplay, The Christmas Trees Have Eyes. Whaaa haaa haaaa haa.

So I didn’t go out with Flattering French Guy, as you may have guessed. I just couldn’t go through with it. I called him and wound up having to leave a message saying that I didn’t think it was a good idea for us to meet up. When I hung up I felt nothing but relief. There are other men out there, and I’m sure that Flattering Guy can flatter his way in to some other woman’s heart.

Nothing much went on with me this weekend. I stayed close to home and made some major progress on the holiday knitting. Check out my posts on Punk Rock Knitters (here and here), if you’d like (exception: Ms. Smokestack cannot click on these links, or she will ruin her surprise).

The only other thing of note that happened to me was that I fell in the driveway. Splatted was more like it. Hey, Grace! I turned my foot, and now I’m walking with a limp. I have huge bruises on my elbow and hip. Pretty. And now it’s off to the warehouse.

Crafty Sundry

She’s crafty – she’s gets around
She’s crafty – she’s always down
She’s crafty – she’s got a gripe
She’s crafty – and she’s just my type
She’s crafty
—Beastie Boys

Oh, I just love it when Ad-Rock whines “she’s crafty”! He’s just so cute. OK, so this isn’t about that kind of crafty, but I thought it fit. After all, I have gripes.

Blame Dive for this posting of my crafty wares. Well, come to think of it, you can also blame Creative Carissa, as she convinced me to join Punk Rock Knitters, a knitting blog. And you can also blame Robyn for posting such pretty watercolors and getting Dive going on his Photoshop wonders. I’d say blame Knudsen too, but he’d probably kill me.

In my very first bloggy post I wrote about a number of things that I had caved on in my life (I had vowed never to get involved in blogging, hence the theme). Crafts was a big one. I come from a crafty family. Mom’s a former artist and current craftswoman extraordinaire (you name it, she’s tried it, and she’s amazing). Dad’s an amateur woodworker, and my sister is an artist. For a long time I figured that I’d be the unique one in my family and make absolutely nothing with my hands (I also had some what I thought to be feminist principles about not pursuing any kind of domestic arts). Thing is, it’s in the blood. It was only a matter of time before I’d turn to crafts. I’m glad I did. I like them.

I took up pottery when I was living in New Hampshire. I never got terribly good at it, but I loved it very much. My Monday night class was with a bunch of salty women of varying ages and was taught by this perfectly normal guy, the most straight-laced potter I’ve ever met. We probably traumatized him, but he loved us. He screened people for our classes because he didn’t want to mess up the vibe. I miss the class (almost like therapy) and haven’t found anything around these here parts to replace it.




Knitting was something I swore I’d never do. Ever. But then I wanted this funky scarf that I could see in my mind, and I decided that I had to learn. Here’s a photo of the McDreamy hat and scarf set that I’m giving my mother for Christmas. She loves bubblegum pink, and I was in the middle of my endless Grey’s marathon, so I decided to name it after McDreamy (the hat pattern is from the Stitch ‘N Bitch book, and the scarf is free style). Read my first blog post for a picture of the cell phone cozies I made (they are cute). If you are really interested in the details, click here for my Punk Rock Knitters post (I finally did it, Carissa).

McDreamy Scarf