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Death, Random Holiday Photo, and Blog Whoring: Typical Wednesday Thoughts

Good God! Go on a little holiday, and everyone dies. James Brown left this world on Christmas Day. That made me sad. Time was, all anyone needed for a party was to invite the Goddess Posse (my group of gal pals), clear some room, provide some drinks, and put on some James Brown. We’d do the rest. “Hot Pants!” and “Good God!” were common greetings among us. I know the man had his issues, but his music makes me happy.

Then I woke up this morning to hear that Gerald Ford died at the ripe old age of ninety-three. I’ll never understand why he pardoned Nixon (or forgive him for doing it), but I always look on him with pity. My mother used to say of him, “Oh, poor Gerald Ford. He fell a lot.” I thought of that this morning.

Here’s a strange thing James Brown and Gerald Ford have in common: They were both lampooned on Saturday Night Live back when the show was worth watching. Not everyone can say that.

Random Holiday Photo
One of my closest friends was in town to see her family for Christmas, and I had a good time hanging out with her and her siblings. Her sister, it seems, is not much of a wine drinker. This was how the wine was opened at her house (the drill “bit” was a corkscrew. It got stuck in the plonky cork, and we had to wait for rescue).

Wine Opener

Blog Whoring
When I checked my e-mail this morning, I read this message. Apparently someone read my post that mentioned The Shining as a pretext to show off my terrible typing skills. Based on that post, this person would like me to blog about the DVD release of The Illusionist. Here’s what he wrote:


I’m contacting you on behalf of Fox and M80 regarding the DVD release of The Illusionist starring Jessica Biel and Edward Norton. I found your The Shining blog entry http://sassysundry.blogspot.com/2006/11/shining-drunken-rodents.html and think you might be of some help to me. Since you blogged about The Shining, I was hoping you might find The Illusionist DVD release, contest or something related to it, blogworthy. I would be happy to send you The Illusionist DVD as a thank you for your help or for you to review.

If you’d like to help out, or would like more information, please let me know and I’ll be in touch soon!


I did in fact see The Illusionist with Ex-Boyfriend on his birthday. Edward Norton did some nifty illusions, but I can’t say as I think that the DVD release has me all hot and bothered. Besides, I’m not that kind of blogger.

Have any of you received these kinds of solicitations? What do you think? It strikes me as very unseemly.

Wino Party

So tonight I’m off to a wine tasting party. It’s also a betting party. See, everyone is to bring a bottle of pinot noir (under $20) and one dollar. Cork out of the bottle, dollar in the pool. The bearer of the best bottle brings home the bucks.

I foresee a few issues that should make this an interesting evening. First, if everyone brings a bottle of wine, and every bottle of wine is opened, the potential for everyone getting a bit tipsy is high. Who wants to see all of that wine go to waste? The Democrats have won! Let’s celebrate! Mmmm… Yummy pinot. We ain’t drinking the fucking merlot.

Second, if a lot of people show up, and if everyone tastes everything (there ain’t going to be a lot of spitting, as we ain’t that sophisticated), the person who uncorks the last bottle is going to win, even if he or she brought plonk.

This is my bottle.
At $14, it’s a decent bottle of pinot
that stands a chance of winning.
Still, I’m going last.

Third, I have to work in the morning and deal with people all day long. The company that owns the company I work for has a warehouse sale every couple of months. Just to spite us, I think, they make us work the sale. I will be standing up all day long tomorrow, and I will be required to be nice to people. I should be responsible and take it easy, but I was reasonably responsible last weekend, and I was rewarded with the worst head cold I’ve had in ages. So screw that idea.

Wish me luck. If all goes well, I will wake up on someone’s couch $30 richer and late for work due to a splitting hangover.